Summer Bucket List Update

So back in July I posted a list of 36 ideas I could try and achieve over the Summer holidays and I've managed a handful of them - some I couldn't complete for one reason or another and some I will carry across to my next break of time (at the end of October). Here's how I did...

1. Read 5 books

I finished a couple off. Ben and I read aloud to each other so we finished off the David Eddings book "Magician's Gambit", the final book in a 5 book series and we're about halfway through Terry Prachett's "Lord and Ladies" which we should finish in the next couple of weeks - reading aloud is slower. I personally finished off "A Whole New World" by Liz Braswell and I'm currently working through her second book "Once Upon A Dream".

2. Watch 15 movies from my bucket list

I've seen 12 of them: Oceans 11, Wanted, The Last Unicorn, The Wild, Bolt, Princess And The Frog, Looper, Flashdance, The Rock, Interview With A Vampire, Red and Zootropolis.

3. Watch the Sunset and wake up to watch the sunrise with a loved one.

4. Witness a meteor shower.

We genuinely tried to see the Perseid meteor shower but the day we looked (the peak evening) it was overcast and we didn't see a thing!

5. Make a Christmas pudding from scratch.

This is one I've wanted to do for a few years and actually gotten around to having a go at, using a recipe from my Grandma's cookery book! The grand tasting won't be for a few onths yet, but it smelled nice!

6. Cook a traditional dish from another culture.

7. Learn to eat using chopsticks.

8. Drink a smoothie out of a pineapple.

This one was fairly easy, I made up some pineapple and banana smoothie, brought some crazy cocktail straws and pretended for a moment I was actually on holiday somewhere not in my Disney PJs in my living room.

9. Create a scavenger hunt for loved ones.

10. Sleep under the stars with a loved one

We roughed it for a night in our new tent and actually slept surprisingly well. Our first "camping holiday" together.

11. Write to my loved ones and tell them how much they mean to me.

12. Create a finger painting.

I went on Youtube for some inspiration, found a picture I liked and just started painting. Mostly I was really proud of how little mess I actually made! The painting now hangs in our craft room where I often work through my scrapbooks.

13. Bury a time capsule.

I completed my diary to go in it, I just need to bury it.

14. Have a pyjama movie day

Technically yes, although I was technically ill in bed for the day so I'm not sure I count it. Every time we decide we're feeling lazy the day turns out sunny so we want to make the most of it and rainy days fall on errand days... Winter holidays may be a better time to complete this one!

15. Have a DIY family portrait with the cats.

16. Write a fan letter to a celebrity.

17. Contact someone with the same name as me.

18. Write a poem.

19. Make pet rocks

20. Plant fruit/vegetables

21. Host a movie night in the back garden.

22. Learn the alphabet in BSL.

23. Send myself flowers.

24. Turn off my mobile/internet for a week.

25. Have a DIY Spa day

26. Learn to play a song on an instrument.

27. Make a hedgehog cafe for the garden

28. Make a bee hotel.

29. Learn how to change a tyre.

30. Fly a kite

31. Feed ducks

32. Go camping in the garden

We made sure we did some camping overnight, making it even more exciting by inviting Emma and Simon over to join us (our garden is big enough to pitch two tents at a sufficient distance). We had a fire pit (although I forgot to try lighting it without matches) and chatted until 1am.

33. Start a fire without matches.

34. Have a water balloon fight

We were really lucky we had an evening warm enough to do this - I'd bought some biodegradable water balloons on the off-chance we would. We had great fun throwing balloons at each other for an hour and it was a perfect activity to do socially distanced from each other at opposite ends of the garden.

35. Go berry picking with Hayley and the girls.

I tried but when we arrived they were shut as the fruit was out of season. We had a morning at the play park instead!

36. Create a photography scavenger hunt.

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