Summer Bucket List

I've been picking out some do-able items from my main Bucket List to form a list of Summer fun ideas that I can achieve without going anywhere that we can't socially distance (and we're still saving for our wedding). Feel free to use and adapt if there's any you like the sound of too! I wanted to maximise my free time over the Summer without it becoming a fruitless waste of time.

1. Read 5 books

2. Watch 15 movies from my bucket list

3. Watch the Sunset and wake up to watch the sunrise with a loved one.

4. Witness a meteor shower.

5. Make a Christmas pudding from scratch.

6. Cook a traditional dish from another culture.

7. Learn to eat using chopsticks.

8. Drink a smoothie out of a pineapple.

9. Create a scavenger hunt for loved ones.

10. Sleep under the stars with a loved one

11. Write to my loved ones and tell them how much they mean to me.

12. Create a finger painting.

13. Bury a time capsule.

14. Have a pyjama movie day

15. Have a DIY family portrait with the cats.

16. Write a fan letter to a celebrity.

17. Contact someone with the same name as me.

18. Write a poem.

19. Make pet rocks

20. Plant fruit/vegetables

21. Host a movie night in the back garden.

22. Learn the alphabet in BSL.

23. Send myself flowers.

24. Turn off my mobile/internet for a week.

25. Have a DIY Spa day

26. Learn to play a song on an instrument.

27. Make a hedgehog cafe for the garden

28. Make a bee hotel.

29. Learn how to change a tyre.

30. Fly a kite

31. Feed ducks

32. Go camping in the garden

33. Start a fire without matches.

34. Have a water balloon fight

35. Go berry picking with Hayley and the girls.

36. Create a photography scavenger hunt.

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