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I type on a dreary, grey Summer morning glad that the next section I get to reflect on is my random fun items that really didn't seem to fit into any other category in my Bucket List other than "it's just a fun thing to do". So here are my list of things I want to achieve "just for fun"...

377. Create a finger painting.

378. Send a message in a bottle.

379. Bury a time capsule.

380. Have a pyjama movie day

381. Have a DIY family portrait with the cats.

382. Have my fortune told/visit a psychic

383. Dance in the pouring rain.

It was exactly the craziness I needed on this particular day. My friends and sister had come to visit me during my finals week at University during my last year as I had felt quite lonely and miserable revising. They had amused themselves going to town and returned to find me face deep in Science revision notes. It was pouring with rain so they insisted we take a 10 minute fun break. We went out the back of the accommodation and danced in heavy rain getting sufficiently soaked and gaining some funny looks from the flat above (bonus).

384. Be part of a flash mob.

385. Jump into a pool fully clothed.

386. Write my name in wet cement.

387. Start a collection.

Ben and I have started a couple of collections as a couple although I already enjoyed collecting things. As a child I had a Pokemon card collection (which I still have stored safely) and a modest TY Beanie Baby collection. As adults we now collect souvenirs from trips and holidays. We always get a small book about the National Trust places we visit (pictured) and we've gotten into buying a fridge magnet from the places we see - they're small, nice to look at and relatively cheap.

388. Go a night without sleeping (stay up for at least 30 hours).

I'm not sure I could do this any more! I did this 3 years running in my university days celebrating our Summer Ball, an all night party which started with a fancy dinner then a night of dancing, celebration and in our first year, bumper cars. The gallery above shows the timeline of the evening, culminating in us still dancing at 5am in the video. We finally made it bleary eyed, blinking in the sunlight at 7am for breakfast and the "survivors photo" on the lawn. I actually didn't return to bed after this, unlike my friends, I figured it'd be harder to get back into a routine if I went to bed at 6am and I didn't really have any alcohol to sleep off (I barely drink). Instead, I showered, dressed and watched movies for the day, seeing "The Green Mile" and "Schindler's List" (I fancied something keeping my attention). In total I stayed awake 31 hours before getting a *very* good night's sleep around 8pm the following day.

389. Write a fan letter to a celebrity.

I was into old British comedies as a teenager and particularly became quite besotted with the "Carry On" films. Unfortunately by that time a lot of the main actors and actresses had passed away (the series spanned 1958-1978). I did however write to an actress called Dilys Laye who was in a number of the films and she very kindly wrote back and signed some of my memorabilia for me!

390. Contact someone with the same name as me.

391. Tour a factory.

I toured the Cadbury's factory in Bourneville when I was 6 - we went to celebrate my Mum's 30th birthday (which is scary considering I am typing this at age 30 myself!). I don't currently have any photos scanned in of it but I'm sure Mum and Dad took plenty.

392. Write a love letter.

393. Write a poem.

394. Write a story

After completing my A-levels at college I had totally burned out. I took a gap year in education to get my head back into the space I could think again and during my year I learned to drive but also dabbled in some creative writing (FanFiction stories based on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway, which I was totally in love with). I used the username fbrobey and the alias "Flo" for some of early pieces of writing as I found it easier at the time to write as someone else. As a couple of years passed I had met some dear friends on there so started to just use my real name, Becca as we started to meet up in person. https://wliialove.livejournal.com/tag/fic:holiday

395. Write a haiku.

396. Blow bubbles.

I think I get bonus points for this one for blowing bubbles in a beautiful location. We had stayed with our friends Becca and Vicki and their dear grandparents took us to the beautiful Loch Lomond not far from where they lived in Glasgow. We had fun playing around with Vicki's dSLR camera, taking arty photos, which included blowing bubbles.

397. Bounce on a bouncy castle.

This was at my cousin Katy's 30th birthday party, which was Disney themed because that's one of her favourite things! Ben and I dressed as Belle and Prince Adam, Emma, my sister as Mad Madam Mim and her partner Simon was Merlin. Finally Katy was Rapunzel, he husband Tom, Captain Jack Sparrow! It was a wonderful day and we all loved bouncing on the bouncy castle!

398. Air guitar like no one is watching.

This was another University night out - I haven't really been clubbing since as it's not really what I enjoy doing any more. We were out in Chester for my flatmate Gen's birthday and the DJ played "Don't Stop Believing - Journey" one of the ultimate air guitar tunes! This is me rocking out with my friend Adam!

399. Make pet rocks

400. Plant fruit/vegetables

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