Indoor Adventures

Getting back into the swing of blogging after a busy term at school was daunting, I was relieved to see that next on my list was my "Indoors Adventures", relatively short and easy to locate photographs for. No doubt there will be more being added to this section as I think of more items I want to try out.

364. Try 10-pin bowling.

I'm not a natural sportswoman and bowling is no exception. I've been known on a couple of occasions to accidentally throw the ball behind me towards my friends and family (don't ask how) yet I really enjoy bowling. I love the music, the chatting to friends and family between turns - I find it just a really social activity, which appeals.

365. Bowl a strike.

I've bowled a few strikes (usually out of sheer good luck and totally needing the sides up) you can probably just about see the X symbol next to B (for Becca) - the best photo evidence I could find!

366. Bowl a turkey (3 strikes in a row). 367. Try life drawing.

This was an unusual one and one of the activities we did on a hen party (for my university friend, Amy). It's not something I'd choose to necessarily do again, there was lots of giggling and I enjoyed the art side of things although I was relieved that I was sat bum-facing and therefore didn't need to draw anything too blush-worthy.

368. Have a go at laser tag.

Hen parties are definitely a good opportunity to try out some experiences. My cousin Katy's included a couple of games of laser tag (which unsurprisingly I was horrifyingly bad at - "Like A Lamb To Slaughter" according to my stats.

369. Try indoor skydiving. 370. Build a blanket fort.

This was a bit of fun on our Valentine's Date night this year (2020). We had a 3 course meal at home with a bottle of prosecco, candles and romantic music going. We then built a blanket fort and munched Valentine's chocolates while watching a movie together (Hitch) before sleeping in the living room. It was a really unusual, memorable date night together.

371. Go trampolining.

This was the main activity at my cousin's hen party - a couple of hours at "Air Hop" a trampoline company in the UK. I'm not usually an active sort of person but I really enjoyed bouncing at this trampoline park, having fun with the girls who took part!

372. Shoot a gun at a shooting range.

When we visited our friends in Georgia they made sure to give us a full American experience and we got to have a go at gun shooting. Harvey took this amazing photo of me mid-shoot and the photo of my rather terrible aim afterwards. What struck me was how very loud guns are - they're honestly terrifying. I'm glad I got to experience a shooting range and I think it's something I'd do again if I got the chance but not something I'm necessarily very good at!

373. Visit an IMAX theatre

We went to Kennedy Space Centre as part of our family holiday to Florida in 2019. This photo was actually taken just by the NASA symbol having just come out of the IMAX theatre just behind it. We watched an hour film called "Journey To Space" which was really interesting and featured some beautiful Space photography, which really came to life in the IMAX theatre.

374. Attend an indoor concert.

For my 19th birthday my Mum and Dad treated us all to tickets to see Lionel Richie (one of my favourite artists) at the O2 Arena in London. We were in the second row so unbelievably close, it was a truly magical experience and was my first concert.

375. Go to an arcade.

I love cheesy arcades and always make a point of stopping by when I visit the Seaside. The penny slot machines are my favourites, especially if there are key rings to be won! Ben and I totally nailed the teamwork here and won loads of tacky loot from rubbers to keyrings.

375. Visit a planetarium.

I had the pleasure of visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester when I visited my old University flatmate, Emma. I had the most amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed the planetarium in particular, which was breathtaking (although we weren't allowed to take photos inside). My favourite was a presentation narrated by Brian Cox, which taught the Scientific theory about the origin of the Universe and the life cycle of stars. It was particularly exciting as I was in my teacher training year and it gave me loads of brilliant ideas for teaching Space myself!

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