145 Ways To Beat The Boredom Blues...

Okay, so we're all stuck inside for the foreseeable future and where I am currently, in the UK we are self-isolating and unable to go anywhere. These past couple of weeks have really reignited my passion for making the most of life, given me the breathing space to do a bit of creating and revamping and got me pondering over what I can actually achieve.

I think it's really easy to get stuck into the mindset that completing a bucket list is all about doing the remarkable, spending inordinate amounts of money or doing daredevil adventures. When it boils down to it, a bucket list is about experiencing all that life has to offer and I was surprised to cut down my list of 700 to find that 145 items can be done right from home. So why not join me? Use my list as inspiration for what you can achieve from home. Here is what I'm going to be working on (and some things I've done already since being stuck inside the past fortnight).


Animal and Nature Adventures 1. Take a dog for a walk. What better time? You could always see if a vulnerable elderly neighbour needs their doggo giving some exercise! 2. Watch the Sunset and wake up to watch the sunrise with a loved one - easy! You could even combine with 6, 7, 25, 51, 68, 79 and 138 for an amazing evening!) 3. Witness a meteor shower I've hyperlinked to NASA's website - see if you can find a shower you can watch in your back garden - if you have a telescope even better, they even offer advice on photographing one. 4. Witness a solar eclipse. Again, I've linked to the experts on this one, I'm going to aim for the one on 21st June regardless of whether we're still stuck inside, I can watch from the garden. 5. Name a star - you'd be surprised you can actually do this online. 6. Have a fire pit on the beach or in my back garden. 7. Go camping in the garden.

Arts and Culture Experiences

8. Watch every film on my must-see list. Why not join me on watch-along Wednesdays for some inspiration! 9. See a 3D Movie. We're lucky enough to have 3D glasses at home, Ben's been hankering on rewatching the Marvel films... perhaps I'll cave to him. 10. Watch a documentary. Easy, there's loads on Netflix, Disney+, YouTube etc. etc. 11. Watch a foreign film (not English speaking). Push yourself out of your comfort zone, if you like a horror I can recommend "The Orphanage" it's a Spanish speaking film and very gripping. 12. Join a bookclub. I imagine there's plenty online to choose from. 13. Read everything on my must-read list. Or why not create your own? 14. Read a classic novel. Lots I can recommend, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Lord Of The Flies, Of Mice and Men, 1984, Watership Down, The Wind In The Willows... 15. Read an entire series of books. You could always combine with 97 if you have kids at home and read them Harry Potter! 16. Spend a whole day reading a good book. I never have time to read so I'm doing this in the sunshine of my garden if I can. 17. Complete a video game 100%

Would totally recommend the Lego games, they're fun to play alone or with a partner and they're child friendly too! 18. Play a board game that lasts longer than 2 hours. Lots of recommendations but of course this depends on you having a board game at home. I think I might convince Ben to get our heads around either Fortune and Glory or Civilisation. 19. Play twister. Why not... family fun if you've got a copy. 20. Win a game of monopoly. 21. Try Dungeons and Dragons. But that's a social game... it can be done over the internet too - What's App Your buddies and give it a go! Roll 20 is a website that will get you going. If you get really into it you could even order some miniatures to paint.

This is a bear I've ordered since my druid, Abnoba is able to transform into one.

22. Finish a crossword puzzle. You could always pick up a newspaper in your next essential food shop, or there's plenty of puzzle phone apps.

23. Finish a Sudoku puzzle. Same here^

24. Complete an 1000 piece jigsaw. If you have one, great, again there are lots of free jigsaw puzzle apps for phone, it totally counts.

Culinary Experiences

25. Make s’mores over a fire pit. 26. Bake a successful soufflé. I video called my sister and we did this together, it was really good fun!

The great unveiling of the soufflés...

27. Make homemade jam. I've done this for a few years now and will be doing so again this year! We have an apple tree so "Becca's Sticky Nemesis" is an apple and cinnamon jam.

28. Make soup from scratch. Can totally recommend spinach and broccoli - I looked on BBC Good Food for a recipe. 29. Bake Easter biscuits. Next Saturday's venture. 30. Make hot cross buns from scratch. I'm going to make these on Easter Sunday after ringing my Nanna to wish her happy birthday. 31. Make a homemade pizza. An easy one to do with children too. 32. Make homemade ice-cream. 33. Bake a loaf of bread. 34. Make banana bread using Grandma’s recipe. Replace for an old family recipe of yours, one of Grandma's specialities just happened to be banana bread (and we have a few ripe ones itching to be turned into something more delicious). 35. Cook a traditional dish from another culture. Have a themed night in your household, bonus points for dressing up! 36. Cook with your partner. 37. Make food art - you could even do an Easter themed one! I got some inspiration from here (I fell in love with the bunny cake) 38. Make a birthday cake for someone. Assuming you have someone who is celebrating... if not, an unbirthday cake works just as well. 39. Toss a pancake. 40. Have a herb garden. You can probably source some seeds online or in a supermarket (I think B&M is still open for us, I may go stock up on teabags and other essentials and take a nose at the garden section while I'm there) 41. Grow a vegetable from scratch and eat my produce. I've heard potatoes are easy ones and you can just plant ones you've bought in the supermarket. 42. Take a cooking class. Why not see if there's an online one running? You could even do it with your loved one. 43. Learn to eat using chopsticks. Shamefully I can't... I will learn then I will make/order some kind of noodle dish and conquer it like a champion. 44. Organise a family picnic outing. Organise, don't go on. You could always make it something to look forward too when these harder times or all over... or video call from your separate gardens! 45. Have a high tea. There's no reason not to make it yourself if you are able to source the ingredients. You could even homemake scones. 46. Order takeaway. Since we could all do with the occasional treat at the moment. 47. Eat breakfast in bed. Why not combine with 50? 48. Taste crème Brule 49. Try a deep fried Mars bar/pizza it is possible to do this yourself... just don't start an oil fire! 50. Have eggs Benedict 51. Taste champagne.

Fitness, Fashion and Wellbeing

52. Achieve my ideal weight (10 stone) I'm getting married in the next 2 years so I'm determined to have shifted a few pounds for the occasion, at the moment I'm avoiding comfort eating and doing PE With Joe every day! 53. Hold a plank for 90 seconds. I need to do it for 60 seconds to help me build core strength for Martial Arts, I thought I'd push myself and try for 90! 54. Go for an early morning walk. It's a good time to, very little likelihood of bumping into anyone but a couple of dog walkers. 55. Walk 10,000 steps in one day. Challenge yourself, can you do this at home? 56. Learn self-defence.

We're keeping up with our martial arts at home, this is us doing some one on one self defence against a lunge punch. 1 block, 1 counter. I really like a good turn kick! 57. Go a week without make up. Easy, no one sees you! 58. Drink only water for 1 week. Possibly a good one to combine with 57 as your skin will be glowing! 59. Dye my hair a crazy colour. Again, as a teacher, I'm not usually allowed to have unconventional hair... I could feasibly do this with a home dye kit... if I was feeling brave. 60. Have a matching bra and pants set. I won't show the evidence on this, but it is good to match sometimes. 61. Wear false eyelashes. Why not go glamorous for a day - good to combine with 139. Friendship, Family and Relationship Goals

62. Put together the family tree. You have plenty of time on your hands and it's a good excuse to interview loved ones over the phone... 63. Create a scavenger hunt for loved ones. Again, design one you could always put it into action once the self-isolation stage is over! 64. Slow dance with someone. Dance because no one is watching. 65. Sleep under the stars with a loved one. 66. Cover the bed in rose petals. 67. Kiss in the rain. 68. Stay up all night talking. 69. Don’t take each other for granted – have a date night every month. You don't need to go out to do different dates. 70. Write to my loved ones and tell them how much they mean to me. 71. Make a calendar with my own photos. 72. Organise a hen party. This of course relies on someone you know getting married. I happen to have already helped organise my cousin's a few years ago...

Home and Career Goals

73. Plant a tree in my back garden and watch it grow with me

This relies on being able to source a tree but I absolutely love my ornamental cherry tree! Indoor Adventures

74. Build a blanket fort.

We did this for our Valentine's date night!

Just For Fun 75. Create a finger painting. 76. Send a message in a bottle. 77. Bury a time capsule. 78. Dance in the pouring rain. 79. Stay up 2 days straight (48 hours). 80. Spend a day in bed (excluding illness) 81. Write a fan letter to a celebrity. 82. Contact someone with the same name as me. 83. Write a love letter. 84. Write a poem. 85. Write a haiku. Mindfulness and Charity 86. Raise a large amount of money (>£250) in one go for charity. You could just do an Online donation plug or why not plan on doing something for people to sponsor you on once we are back to normal? 87. Donate toys as part of the shoebox Christmas appeal. Or similar, the Christmas Shoebox drive is a lovely appeal. 88. Sponsor a Child’s wish through the “make a wish” foundation. 89. Send a care package for charity. 90. Give blood. You can still do this! It's counted as essential medicine. 91. Become a registered organ donor. 92. Buy someone’s groceries for them/donate to a food bank. Grab a few extra essentials, people need it now more than ever! 93. Help someone who truly needs it in some way/make a difference to someone’s life. 94. Give someone a heartfelt surprise. 95. Send flowers to someone for no reason. 96. Perform 40 random acts of kindness throughout my lifetime. Could you plan them out? Or act on some of them now? 97. Read to a child. No reason this couldn't be done over a video chat. 98. Learn the alphabet in BSL. 99. Help someone achieve something on his or her bucket list. 100. Send an anonymous gift to someone. 101. Write a thank you letter to a company that treated me well. 102. Send myself flowers. 103. Spend an entire day by myself. 104. Turn off my mobile/internet for a week. 105. Do 24 hours of silence. 106. Make a short film about my life and my achievements to enjoy when I am old and unable to go on any more adventures. 107. Complete a lifetime of scrapbooks.

I love scrapbooking, it reminds me of all the amazing times I've had.

New Skills and Lifetime Achievements

108. Complete a NaNoWriMo in time. National Novel Writing Month takes place in November but you could start planning now... 109. Get a celebrity autograph. You could if you write to one... 110. Learn to play a song on an instrument. Assuming you have one at home to learn to play. 111. Learn to say hello in 10 languages. 112. Learn to say thank you in 10 languages. 113. Take an IQ test. 114. Take an EQ test. 115. Have my personality assessed. 116. Prepare a will. 117. Make a handmade gift. 118. Make homemade soap. 119. Try out some dancing lessons. Virtually of course... 120. Learn to play the piano (to Grade 4 standard). Okay I'm not going to get there overnight but I can start to learn... 121. Paint a picture I am proud to display.

I've been using WOW Art on YouTube to inspire me, as suggested by my sister, Em...

122. Create a piece of art and sell it. 123. Design a website. Welcome to it! 124. Build a dolls house from scratch. 125. Learn to knit something basic. 126. Learn to sew (cross stitch). 127. Have a go at felting. 128. Have a go at diamond painting. 129. Fold 100 origami cranes and give them to the special people in my life. 130. Learn how to play poker. 131. Learn to juggle. 132. Have a go at jewellery making. 133. Learn to pick a lock. 134. Learn first aid. 135. Learn how to change a tyre. 136. Run a YouTube Channel and try to inspire people. Outdoor Adventures 137. Fly a kite. Why not challenge yourself to make one if you don't own one? 138. Start a fire without matches.


139. Have a photo shoot at home. 140. Have a photo shoot with a loved one. 141. Photograph lightning. 142. Photograph a rainbow. 143. Photograph a flying animal mid-flight. 144. Take a photo everyday for a month. 145. Have a photography blog/website, which I maintain regularly

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