Why Make A Bucket List?

Neither morbid nor gloomy...

For years, I have sought adventure and fulfilment. Growing up we had parents who's intention was to give us every opportunity and experience they were able to and it's only now, as an adult, I appreciate how enriched my childhood was - you'll notice I've completed some of my list before I even entertained the notion of writing one. I've included them simply because I want to share all my many experiences of being a human on this beautiful planet of ours.

I'm an inherent planner in nature and therefore the idea of ticking off items in one giant to do list gets me excited and motivated beyond most normal people's comprehension. A bucket list isn't about dwelling on the inevitable mortality of all life, it's about being present and making the most of this precious time we have.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a bubbly and sunny outlook and generally negative thoughts escape my consciousness, in that respect I am extraordinarily blessed. As a teacher my goal is to inspire so I hope you not only enjoy reading about my 600+ experiences as I complete them but also feel free to create your own to do list, enjoy and please share with me!